Enneagram Types

Should you be pigeonholed into a type and ultimately what does that mean?

“The Enneagram purports to lead a person to not only self-understanding, but to an integration of all aspects of the self and, ultimately, to an awakening to the true Self. “Self” is capitalized because the Self is considered by the original (and most contemporary) Enneagram teachers to be divine. The nine numbers most likely originate with Ichazo’s belief in the “nine divine forms” of Self, a Self which supposedly has been subverted by ego distortions. There are also the “triads,” which is how “your” number is related both positively and negatively through two other numbers. The philosophy for this is directly derived from the esoteric values of Sacred Geometry and from Gnostic views of the self as sacred and pure in essence.” – The Enneagram GPS: The Gnostic Path to Self

Is this how you want to find a path to yourself? Are you an Enneagram type?

“One Christian, Alice Fryling, who promotes and teaches the Enneagram, admits that the roots of the Enneagram and most of the material on it is not Christian, yet she advises people to do a lot of reading “about the Enneagram paradigm” to discover their type. She considers the Enneagram to be a “very deep and complex system.”  This is hardly a recommendation since this describes all occult and New Age systems. Indeed, it is the complexity of such spiritualities that often makes them seductive. (Fryling has apparently removed her site from which I copied these quotes. However, it easy to do a search on her and find her material although I think she has removed some of the information that shows the non-Christian roots of the Enneagram. One article is at http://www.leadershiptransformations.org/documents/Enneagram Article-Fryling.pdf).

Fryling also claims that the Enneagram can “lead us to a self-awareness that brings us to our knees before the God of grace” (page 2 at previous link). However, from a Christian standpoint, it is only God’s word that gives true self-awareness — the awareness of man’s essential sin nature and need for redemption, as well as convicting and shaping a Christian believer (credit for this point goes to Viola Larson of Naming the Grace Blogspot). It is God’s word and the Holy Spirit that convict, teach, and correct man through God’s truth (Psalm 119; John 16:8; James 2:9; 2 Timothy 3:16). “

The Enneagram GPS: The Gnostic Path to Self

With this information, are you seeking your Enneagram type? Maybe it’s time to think about that.