Origins of the Enneagram

There are several pages which feature information regarding the various origin theories of the Enneagram. If you are an Enneagram believer and a Christian please do not ask someone what to say to someone who questions the origins of the Enneagram, please read these articles and do your own research. Say what you believe, not what someone else believes. Start with some good resources. Here they are:

Tell Me Who I Am O, Enneagram” – A very thoughtful look at the origins of the Enneagram .

The Enneagram – A Satanic Occult Spiritual Tool Within the Church” – Why churches and church members should think twice before using the Enneagram.

Beware the Enneagram” – Bob Larson explains why Christians should beware this questionable tool.

Warrior + Priest: A Journal of Christian Manhood: God Does Not Have Nine Faces” – A Christian Appraisal of the Enneagram

Enneagram: The Road Back to You, Or to Somewhere Else?” – The Gospel Coalition Takes on this Heavy Topic.

Mysticism Big Business for Mainstream Evangelical Authors, Publishers, Retailers” – The Berean Call takes a look at the big business that resulted from marketing and repackaging the Enneagram to Christian audiences.

Are You My Type? The Enneagram Catches on with Christians” – How this test is catching on with people of faith.

The Enneagram: Christian’s Newest Astrology Fad – Another good article on this new age Christianity magnet.

The Enneagram: A Dangerous Practice – A Special Report on the dangers of the Enneagram

Christians are Mixed Up in Mysticsm” – Another great article.

Enneagrams: Are They Diabolic” – Another great article.

Christians are Involved in Demonic Mysticism – By Marsha West